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Yin Yang as a key to efficiency

A couple of weeks ago, I joined Practical Philosophy - classes conducted by The School of Philosophy and Economic Science (, allowing me to practice the love of wisdom. I am touched by the warm atmosphere and amazed by the principles introduced.

Deep inside of me, I have been seeking that type of knowledge and community for a long time, and I believe I received what is right for me at the perfect moment.

During today's classes, we were conducting further analysis of Attention. While the graphical analysis was shown, it connected with the book's fragment I read yesterday,'' A return to love'' given to me by my dear friend.

The graph had circles with action divided by space, that represented pause.

Book says that:

Yin is a feminine principle; passive energy; the pause.

Yang is male energy; action.

I understood that when we give each other moment to rest between actions, we are allowing two energies, passive and active, to overlap, connecting in perfect harmony.

When we follow action after action without a break, we are unbalanced on the male side; similarly, if we only rest, we are also unbalanced on the feminine side; that is why both action and pause are crucial to efficiency.

Pause is stopping in the present moment.

''By focusing on the senses, you are connecting with present'' states Stephen Silver, the teacher of the Practical Philosophy class I have attended.

If the article has opened curiosity doors inside of you, and you wish to discover more new term is starting soon:

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Mar 10, 2021

I obviously have too much feminine energy


Mar 07, 2021

Sounds amazing!

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