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List of solutions related to environmental protection for individuals

Zaktualizowano: 22 kwi 2021

1. Awareness and responsibility

If you are not interested in environmental issues and you think that the planet crisis does not concern you, then you are wrong. Why? If you use water and electricity, if you are shopping and throwing garbage, you have been involved in the biggest crisis of our era without volunteering at that time. Awareness should be followed by responsibility. If we use Earth's gifts, we should do it responsibly without destroying our home.

2. Decide which side of the table you are sitting on.

One side is poisoned food producers who rob the Earth of natural resources, leaving it too little to survive. For infinite profits, they plant forest fires to use for meat production. They are politicians who promise ecological solutions in front of cameras, and a moment later they sign a million deal, which will destroy the remains of the state for oil and gas.

The other side of the table (conflict) is made up of people who are trying to save Mother Earth bending under attack. By presenting innovative and creative solutions in the hope that humanity will wake up and stand on the side of good. Energy from natural resources such as sun and water, tree planting organizations, and those pressing government parties to change laws in favor of nature. People all over the world fight, change their lifestyle to healthier, try to make others aware, create their own productions of organic, vegan food. Bah! Even by paraphrasing the person I know, '' they create chicken from a mushroom '' to remove pressure from the loaded back of our planet while saving you from the worst diseases. And you still sit down to dinner with the opposite side of the table?

3. Home recycling.

Material shopping bag. Water or tap filter. Reusable lunch box at work. Purchase of vegetables and fruit in a greengrocer, not packed in plastic. Bamboo toothbrush, reusable coffee mug and newspaper dumpster as in the old days. These are small changes that are easy to get used to. The whole thing is not to add plastic and micro-granules from cosmetics to the ocean trash (read the labels).

4. Switch to a natural source of energy. You will be surprised that the price difference is not significant.

5. Love yourself, nature and its inhabitants.

It is not about feeling down. However, after analyzing current events, the only conclusion we come to is a positive change because the domino effect has already begun, and we can only stop it by working together. Nothing can fill a person's heart with happiness as much as helping others. Let us be grateful for the gifts of nature, let us love our mother and protect her in response to all good, for this is a bundled transaction.

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Mar 10, 2021

We should fight for our planet - for our children , and their children !


Mar 07, 2021

Environmental crisis shouldnt be ignored

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