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What is Spirituality

Zaktualizowano: 23 lis 2020

The religion of the future will be the religion of the Universe. It will exceed the personal God, and disregard dogma and theology. '' Albert Einstein

Spirituality, in its simplest translation, is consciousness of the soul. Awareness that we are beyond the physical realm, and we are spiritual beings. Interestingly, we do not go beyond the physical sphere; we are spiritual beings who, in a given incarnation, also obtained a beautiful, physical body.

I realize that it is difficult to believe in something that has not been experienced. However, I will try to make it easier for you. Each of you has probably experienced intuition. However, you did not think about its power. A feeling that warns us about something unfavorable that can happen even though it has not happened yet? The magical voice of higher self that each of us carries in us is the best example of our spiritual sphere. Intuition is the voice of our soul. Thus, we already know that our soul, as our integral part, communicates with the rest of our reality through thoughts, emotions and feelings.

Dreams are another great instance. Did you know that the human mind works more during sleep than awakening? Impressive considering the fact that we live in the belief that while dreaming, our brain rests. Nothing could be more wrong. Our mind begins an entirely different work during our rest. This work is often identified with the spiritual sphere to which we return after a long day of our physicality. I warmly encourage you to analyze your dreams, not with a Google but your intuition. You will then receive instructions from the deepest voice of your existence. Symbols and puzzles (because this is how your soul communicates with your physical part, why? Well, I suspect because it's more advanced) is part of an exciting journey deep inside yourself that will make you believe that your life is nothing different from fantastic characters from your favorite books and movies. Let yourself believe in the magic of your own soul.

In summary, spirituality is a very personal sphere that you must discover in your own way in a natural, non-forced environment. This is your nature and a deep part of you.

It is a deja vu that you have or a strange feeling that you can't explain, it's a story, from which you get goosebumps and the curiosity that follows it. It is a dream that results from the deep need of your heart and the great power of forgiveness that you did not expect. This is an original experience for the individual that you can read about, but you will not understand it until you experience it. Be convinced, however, that it is in you and, once awakened, will change your life forever.

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Mar 07, 2021

is truly magical .

Great post.

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