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The power of your mind

Zaktualizowano: 23 lis 2020

Has it ever happened to you that you knew exactly what someone was going to say?

Have you ever experienced the feeling that you are being watched, looked around, and you were right?

Maybe you were thinking about someone, and that person called unexpectedly?

These seemingly trivial examples are confirmation of an incredibly powerful force that has its basis in quantum physics. Everything in the universe consists of tiny vibrating particles that produce energy: objects, nature, animals, and ourselves ... This energy created in our mind, more precisely in our thoughts, is sent to the world and returns to the source - ourselves. However, in this journey, it attracts physical bodies of the same frequency. That is what physicists call The Law of attraction. Your greatest superpower in creating the life you dream about. You are a transmission tower that sends energy every day, whether you want it or not. The emotions and feelings give it real power. They decide whether the signal sent to the Universe is positive or negative

Ever wonder how successful people built powerful empires from scratch?

You have an answer in front of your eyes. They used the power described by every teacher, great scientists to politicians and heroes.

Albert Einstein said:

'' Imagination is everything. It announces the upcoming attractions of life. ''

So you undoubtedly understand what I want to say. If you dream about something, you only have to think about it as intensely as you can. This practice is the base of your dream, which is just beginning to materialize. However, this is not the end of your work. I want to share with you the instructions that I created based on books read (among others: Secret, How to Think Better, She means business) and my own experience.

1. Transform your dream into a well-designed plan.

Please take a piece of paper and break down your dream into prime factors.

The headline is your dream, e.g., your dream job. Let's give it a Marketing Specialist at Google. Remember, for the universe; there is no task too big, everything consists of the same particles.

Factors include location, pay, the atmosphere at work, working hours, benefits (health insurance, training budget, holiday), office arrangement, company size, etc.

You may be wondering why I mentioned the atmosphere or the arrangement of the office. For a crucial reason, every factor you don't specify will be decided for you, and that may increase a chance of your dissatisfaction, After all, it's your dream that you attracted yourself using the laws of quantum physics. Surely, not to be dissatisfied with it? Do you know what will happen later? You will start sending negative energy due to your dissatisfaction and, unfortunately, attract more negative factors. You can also refuse a job and waste the opportunity you have created for yourself.

2. Believe it has already happened.

Faith creates the foundations of our existence, and for a reason, it is emphasized in every religion or ideology. Science connects harmoniously with spirituality, and this is the best example of this duo. An empty sheet of paper with no feelings or emotions is not enough. You must believe in yourself! It's time for a real mind game. The main character is your imagination. Sit back and imagine yourself after getting this job. Your excitement, joy, and pride. Don't stop there. What does your day at work look like? How is the office decorated? What does your manager look like? Which girl caught your eye? ;) Don't stop imagining! This is your greatest power. Feel every emotion, just like when you watch a movie or read a book. You are practicing the power that Leonardo Da Vinci, Mother Theresa, and Buddha practiced. Additionally, remember that the happier you are, the more positive energy will accompany your signal.

3. Receive and be grateful.

When practice makes perfect, you will notice that you have received the realization of your thoughts. Your natural answer should be - gratitude. Let it be your fuel. Every morning and just before bedtime, say: Thank you! Wake up with a realization that you have found a way to be the Lord of your fate. The longer you practice gratitude, the longer you will receive. Just like that! Gratitude attracts more situations for which you will be grateful. Consequently, if any of the factors you forgot to mention (don't worry it happens to everyone - practice!) will not satisfy you, take this lesson humbly (and try better) rather than regretting it. As previously mentioned, negative signals won't attract anything positive to your life.

Ultimately, I would like to add that it has been proven that positive thought has a stronger energy than a negative thought. This is because a person has more positive particles than negative ones inside their own body. This means that we were born charged with positive energy!

Literally. :)

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We gotta expand our horizon

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