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Aktualizacja: 23 lis 2020

This year's Earth Day is different from the previous when children cleaned the forests. There are also no presentations or collective tree planting.

However, something that the world has been waiting for a long time has happened. A significant number of us, regardless of color, religion or country of origin, have united in healing our planet. Although not all of us are aware, this year, we have given our Mother Nature the most beautiful of gifts. A gift in which nature finally breathed a sigh. A gift in which animals forced to migrate to other places after looking for food were often doomed to certain death, now safely returned home. And in those homes, they finally taste the taste of freedom.

It is sad that people have to hide so that the natural world, necessary for our health, functions as it should. However, this shows the bitter truth of humanity. Where more can be taken, others will have less. Ironically, when others have less, we also lose. Sent energy returns to us through karma. '' Karma is the mother of us all, and she has a funny sense of humor.''


I hold we all deserve the words of thanks.

I feel them when sitting in the garden, butterflies fly happily around, or birds sing loudly. You can feel the joy. One can feel the gratitude. I would like us all today and not only to fill our hearts and every day with these emotions. I firmly believe that then the days will pass better.

This period will pass, and we will be able to hug people close to us again. We will appreciate this contact much more than before. I hope that it will be similar to the gifts of nature. This gratitude will allow us to use them with abstinence and respect.

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